Todo Mês

Monthly guided tours through selected art exhibitions in São Paulo. 

2019 Line-up:


22 FEV Lucia Loeb na galeria Marília Razuk

29 MAR Regina Parra na galeria Millan 

26 ABR Rivane Neuenschwander na galeria

              Fortes D'Aloia Gabriel 

31 MAI Bruno Novaes no MIS

28 JUN Ernesto Neto na Pinacoteca

26 JUL Marepe na Estação Pinacoteca

30 AGO Eduardo Berliner na Casa Triângulo

27 SET Flavia Junqueira na galeria Zipper

25 OUT Ding Musa na galeria Raque Arnaud

29 NOV Rodrigo Andrade na galeria Millan

Lucia Loeb at galeria Marília Razuk

Regina Parra at galeria Millan 

Rivane Neuenschwander at galeria

Fortes D'Aloia Gabriel 

Bruno Novaes at MIS

Ernesto Neto at Pinacoteca

Construções e Geometrias at MuBE

Eduardo Berliner at Casa Triângulo

Marepe at Estação Pinacoteca

Flavia Junqueira at galeria Zipper

Rodrigo Andrade at galeria Millan

Have a peek at one of our visits

Lucas Simões exhibition.

Casa Triângulo.

AUG 24, 2018.

Lucas Simões exhibition. Casa Triângulo. AUG 24, 2018.

Definitely one of my favorites although it's almost impossible to pick one. Not only the artist is a simply lovely person, but Lucas was there with us at Casa Triângulo. They also kept the exhibition "closed" until we got there so that we actually opened it and by that, I mean rearranged the main installation. 58 meters worth of sliding screens, all of it made by Lucas Simões. We all started out kinda shy but as soon as we got the hang of it, yay for freedom! 

After that, we got talking and the artist was super transparent. He answered everything he could and boy, did we have questions. Just the execution of so many of his works is already tough to comprehend. It was great! A role model for an emerging (?) artist. Lucas was awesome. The gallery Casa Triângulo was a super partner by leaving it to us to open the exhibition. What a blessing! 

More to come!!

Photos: Carol Cassiano


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